Aidan Irish Music

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Aidan Irish Music

photo by Jackie Milton

Jeff Moore
(guitar & vocals)
Christopher Buckley
Jon Milton
(flute & whistle)

AIDAN  is an Irish music ensemble based in Austin TX, the core of which is comprised of Jeff Moore, Christopher Buckley and Jon Milton.   Together they represent decades of commitment to Irish traditional music.  Their repertoire of melodies and songs, while fresh and spontaneous, is always tempered with a respect for what is known in the genre as the 'pure drop.'

has been playing guitar for the past 35 years and is one of the Southwest's most notable Irish musicians, having performed with several local Celtic music ensembles, including Cluan, Gilmer & Moore and Sarah Dinan Band.  He has also had the pleasure of accompanying international touring musicians such as James Keane, James Kelly, John Williams, Johnny B. Connolly, Joe Burke and Jerry Holland.  He has developed a distinct style of accompaniment, using DADGAD tuning and in addition to performances, is an active teacher of accompaniment technique within Irish traditional music. 
More info on Jeff at:

CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY grew up in Milwaukee WI and moved to Austin in 2001.  He's been a student of the violin since the age of 3 and began playing Irish fiddle at the age of 14.  Shortly after arriving in Austin, Christopher and Jeff combined forces as founding members of the highly energetic Texas Irish band Cluan.  In addition, Christopher has performed with Blaggards and continues to be a member of the Tea Merchants, who in 2007 won the Austin Music Award for Best World Music.  At home in Austin, Christopher not only performs, but is a widely respected fiddle teacher with an extensive roster of students.

JON MILTON has studied traditional Irish music, history and culture for over 15 years, first inspired by the recordings of the great piper, storyteller and music collector Seamus Ennis.  A regular performer at regional Celtic festivals and session musician in both the US and Ireland, Jon has become a solid fixture of the Southwest traditional music scene and has performed in concerts and other events with Jeff since 2010. More info on Jon at:

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